Put yourself in the mood!


Put yourself in the mood!

While on your daily commute to work or shopping for your favorite pair of jeans, almost everyone is subjected to music on a daily basis. More than ever music follows us wherever we go. Heck, most of us carry around mp3 collections that a DJ would envy. Many times we don’t even control what music we listen to while we are out shopping or eating at our favorite restaurant. Why is it that music so important in our society? Why do we choose to listen to certain songs and not others? Why do businesses care what we are listening to? It’s all about the mood.

Music may be your hobby, passion or career, but it holds some importance to us all. Apple reinvigorated a whole company and changed the music industry around a device that brought music portable and easy to manage with the iPod. Have you ever stopped to think about why pressing ‘play’ is so gratifying? Music has a direct influence on your mood. Book stores, shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants all have music playing in the background. Through music a business can enhance the customer experience by influencing your emotions while in their environment. Your mood sets the stage for a satisfying experience.

It is common for athletes to use music as a tool to prepare before the big game. In fact we all use music to influence our psyche to be relaxed, aggressive, happy, or even sad. We find ourselves doing this in the home, car, gym, or at our workplace. Our job at Homedia Solutions is to provide our clients with systems that will create the best atmosphere in which to alter their state of mind through music. I spend most of my time traveling around Kansas City consulting clients on what music delivery solution will provide the best experience for listening to music in their home or business.

Typically our clients know about many of the online music services and they have iPods or droves of music files stored on their computers (and yes, some people still have CDs). What most of us are lacking are quality systems with an easy to use interface to deliver the music seamlessly throughout the home our business. Choosing the right system can be hard enough, but installing and getting the system to work the way you want it to is a challenging proposition. That is where Homedia Solutions takes over by providing our clients with a free on-site consultation. We take the time to thoroughly interview our potential clients so we can design audio systems that fit your needs and budget.

Put yourself in the right mood by contacting Homedia Solutions today!

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