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Digital Signage Installation – Kansas City – Overland Park – Lenexa

Business owners are constantly looking for new ways to attract new customers and to engage current ones. Through the technology of digital signage, unique video displays are helping them achieve that and more by creating an enhanced business or retail experience.

Digital Signage Benefits
Studies have proven that digital signs are highly effective in a number of ways. According to research, installing a digital sign can increase inquiries about a company’s service from 5 to 15 percent. Other studies reported at shows that in retail settings, digital signs boost a store’s revenue as much as 50% and often much higher. By adding depth to formerly static information, digital signs give businesses and organizations the chance to communicate, market, train, inform and entertain viewers. They also offer additional income options by attracting advertisers and sponsors

Digital Sign Examples

Consider the following examples of how digital signs can enhance your business:

If you own a store, consider advertising special promotions to shoppers as they browse the aisles—deals they’d otherwise have overlooked.
Provide a better environment for those who experience waiting periods by displaying entertaining or informative content on area screens.
Increase your bottom line by selling ad space and sponsorship information on the digital displays.
Keep your company personnel informed by broadcasting messages throughout your building.

Whatever your end-goal, Homedia can provide you with the right equipment and digital signage system. We’ll work with your space, your budget and your business needs in order to help you communicate clearly using the latest digital technology.

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