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Commercial Lighting and Shade Control
In today’s economy, businesses have to keep a tight budget and save money wherever they can. That’s why lighting and shade control are so important when it comes to maintaining a healthy bottom line. And by customizing a system specifically for these purposes, business owners also can enhance the environment of their workspace, creating a better atmosphere for customers and employees.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, artificial lighting is the largest energy consumer in the workplace, absorbing more than 40% of a commercial building’s electricity. That means that investing in an energy-efficient lighting system is a profitable decision. Through an easy-to-control lighting system, you can eliminate the possibility of lights being left on after hours. You can also install blackout shades that help keep temperatures consistent and reduce the amount spent in heating and cooling.

Beyond saving money and energy, automated lighting and shades can also enhance your business’ efficiency and reputation. State-of-the-art systems and controls create a unique atmosphere and increase a business owner’s credibility. For business owners such as restaurant owners whose building aesthetics directly impact sales, lighting and shade controls can also be used simply to enhance the
customer experience.

Homedia Solutions wants to enhance your business by helping you save money and time by achieve a new level of excellence. Call us today to discuss lighting and shade control for your business and start saving today!

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