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IMG_8374At Homedia, we believe it is important to let our clients know what to expect when they hire us to take on their media projects. If you are considering Homedia Solutions, we hope you will review the methodical process we developed specifically with our clients in mind. Through our comprehensive course of action, we make sure that nothing is missed and that you feel valued and informed throughout the process.

CONSULTATION – We begin with an initial consultation in which we learn your specific media needs and evaluate the construction and design of your current property or construction project.

DESIGN – Based on our consultation, we work with you to design a system that is both reliable and easy to use. We take into consideration the style and decor of your home or business to create a modern, convenient system that provides years of quality entertainment and technology. Your initial design also includes:

A Statement of Work that identifies the work being performed.
Clear and detailed pricing for all system components and labor.
Plans and drawings if required.

We always review our design with clients and address any questions or concerns. Once the clients are satisfied with the design, they sign the Statement of Work and arrange payments. We then begin ordering equipment and establishing a working timeline.

Note: We also can facilitate professional design services through our trusted partner, Matthew Keller Design. We work frequently with them in designing media rooms, home theaters and corporate environments.

WIRING – For new construction or major remodels, we install audio and video wiring directly into the walls after the framing is complete and prior to drywall installation. When adding new systems to an established property, we work within the structure to run wire unobtrusively throughout each room.

TRIM-OUT – Trim-out refers to the installation of speakers, wall plates and mounted hardware. For installation in current structures, this is typically completed along with the wiring. For new construction or remodels, this takes place after the walls are painted.

SET-UP – During set-up, system components are installed into a rack enclosure or predetermined location. We also install the equipment and displays, and establish connections.

PROGRAMMING – Our programming method is one of our best features. During this phase, we take what looks like a mess of equipment and make it into a client’s unique system—a reflection of their personal lifestyle and taste. We also establish a control system that seamlessly operates all equipment and creates an extraordinary, easy-to-use media experience.

CALIBRATION – During calibration, we make fine adjustments to sound and picture quality in order to best fit our customers’ environment.

CLIENT TRAINING – Once we’ve completed the installation and programming, we train our clients to become experts in operating their new system. We pride ourselves on patiently guiding them through the process and making ourselves available for follow-up questions after the project is complete.

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