Lighting & Shade Control


In today’s energy-conscious world, lighting and shade control is a popular trend in home automation. By outfitting your home with one of our custom lighting and shade control systems, you will conserve energy, save money and also enhance the value and security of your home.

Like most technology advances, lighting and shade control is now becoming more widespread and affordable. It’s no longer just for the elite; it’s an eco-friendly option for homeowners in almost any situation. From large, custom-built homes to retrofit systems in existing structures, lighting and shade controls allow you to add beauty and custom decor to one room or an entire space while saving both money and the environment.

Benefits of Lighting and Shade Control:

Aesthetics – Any architect or interior designer will attest to the importance of a home’s overall design and feel. Why not enhance the simplicity of your home by removing the clutter of switches and dimmers from your walls? Modern lighting and shade systems now operate with functional, attractive keypads complete with engraved buttons for easy identification and use. Have a room with a view? Incorporate a system that can activate exterior lighting so you can enjoy the view at night!

Convenience – Wouldn’t you love the ability to turn off all the lights or draw the blinds in your house with a single button as you’re walking out the door? What about a “bedtime button” that would adjust all lights throughout the home according to your nighttime needs? Lighting scenes can transcend the way you use lighting and shades and introduce you to new levels of ease in your home.

Security – Without question, automated lighting and shades enhance the security of your home. With the touch of a button in your car you can turn on exterior flood lights, lower your shades and illuminate the closest hallway. By placing a master control next to your bed, you can turn on the lights inside and outside your home in the middle of the night if you hear a suspicious noise. Automation also allows you the ability to turn lights on and off while on vacation or away for an extended period of time.

Energy Efficiency – Lighting and shade control can also shave valuable dollars off of your energy bill. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, artificial lighting is the largest energy zapper in the workplace, absorbing a whopping 44% of electricity used in commercial buildings. In residential property, lighting also accounts for 14% of the total electrical consumption. Through an automated lighting and shade control system, you can easily decrease the amount of energy you waste and increase the lifespan of your light bulbs.

Lights Dimmed Electrical Savings Extends Bulb Life
10% 10% 2X
25% 20% 4X
50% 40% 20X
75% 60% >20X

Want to save money and energy in a fashionable way? Lighting and shade control are great options. Let Homedia help you find the perfect system for your home and lifestyle!

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