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Most homeowners enjoy spending time with family and friends outside. Weekend barbeques, pool parties and family reunions all involve great weather and great people. Let Homedia Solutions add great media to that experience as well!

Outdoor Media

Thanks to today’s technology, the days of lugging bulky stereos out to the patio are gone. At Homedia, we can take your outdoor space and turn it into a custom, weatherproof multimedia experience involving both audio and video systems. Our solutions will enhance your entertainment while blending seamlessly into your landscape, not taking away from the aesthetics of your landscape. Imagine a backyard party in which everyone can enjoy the music regardless of whether they’re 100 yards from the house or right on the back deck. Consider an afternoon at your pool watching baseball on a weatherproof TV and controlling the volume with a waterproof remote. Better yet, treat your kids to a movie night under the stars at your outdoor cinema. The possibilities are endless!

Fits with your Landscape

When considering your outdoor A/V needs, Homedia’s professionals consider important factors such as landscape, lighting and climate in order to optimize your system. Weather is also an important factor, especially in the Midwest, and we are experienced in the use of equipment that will help your system endure harsh wind and rain. Our products also come with warranties that protect your investments should disaster strike. Whether you are considering a major outdoor design project or integrating a system into a current landscape, Homedia Solutions can work with you and your developers to make sure your A/V system fits seamlessly into your design and meets all of your outdoor media needs.

Enjoy Outdoor Media

Ideally, your outdoor audio system should be easy to hear and hard to see. We install audio equipment that blends into your environment while providing consistent sound coverage throughout a designated area. Not only will the sound quality be excellent, it will also be easy to control with a simple panel or remote, and all of our speakers can be buried or disguised to blend into any setting.

Outdoor Video

Homedia Solutions offers a wide variety of options for outdoor video. From weatherized, flat-screen TVs to complete yard cinemas, our equipment features special coatings that decrease glare and enhance the picture at any time of day. Today’s trends include weatherproof screens of all sizes and complete video experiences on covered porches and decks. Specially designed outdoor, flat-panel TVs offer weather-resistant, high-definition viewing that is perfect for these covered spaces, and our projectors and screens can be easily incorporated into patio furniture and a variety of existing yard elements.

When it comes to outdoor entertainment, we encourage you to dream big. What you once thought was impossible can now become reality through Homedia Solutions!

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