System Integration and Control


Residential System Integration and Control

The term “smart home” is finding its way into everyday vocabulary. But just what is a smart home? Technically stated, it is a home with systems integration, but that’s just a fancy way of saying that a home’s features are connected, coordinated and working together.

Imagine being able to control lights, media, security, climate and more without any clutter. Today’s technology has made it possible! With wireless systems and control devices, homeowners can enjoy the ease and convenience of connected subsystems while managing their home’s elements from both inside and out.

Arm your security system from the office. Close the garage door from your bed. Fire up the jacuzzi with your iPad. And shave hundreds off your energy bills by never leaving the lights on or the thermostat too low again. The list of benefits to system integration is worth an investigation without even mentioning the additional space you save without clutter of wires, cables, remotes or bulky equipment.

At Homedia, we will customize your home controls to fit your needs and lifestyle, making it user-friendly and simple. The purpose of system integration and control is to simplify your life, and we’ll make sure that’s the end result!

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