Video Distribution


Homedia Solutions offers a wide range of options for distributing and controlling video throughout your home. With our custom systems, you can enjoy the simplicity of having all your video equipment stored in one central area yet having the ability to view programs in any room. Imagine being able to start a DVD in your kitchen on an LCD display and then transferring it to the plasma screen in your den. Or let it play in both locations at the same time!

Whole House Distributed Video

With a whole-house distributed video system, you can watch shows from your Blu-ray player, media server, cable, satellite dish or closed-circuit TV cameras on any TV in your home—simultaneously! There’s no need to purchase separate equipment for every room, as everything is located in a central, organized space.

Enhanced Security

In addition to their easy-to-use equipment, our distributed video systems can also enhance your home’s security by incorporating the use of surveillance cameras. The video systems can allow you to access the feed from any camera in your home from any screen. Keep an eye on your children while they’re playing in their bedrooms or see who is at your door before you answer. Once we have installed surveillance cameras and distributed video, we can also recommend trusted security companies to help monitor the safety of your home.

Simplify your living space—and your life—by letting Homedia help you create the ideal distributed video system for your home!

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