Whole House Audio


Whole-house audio is one of our most-requested services. At Homedia, we offer several solutions that enable you to distribute your favorite music and more throughout your entire home.

Audio Zones

We start by creating “audio zones” in which you can access all of your favorite audio sources. You can stream Pandora in your kitchen, have the sporting event broadcast on your outdoor speakers, and shuffle your iPod in the bar all at the same time. And, with the ability to choose your control device—touch panel, remote, iPhone, etc.—you are guaranteed a consistent, easy-to-use interface that the whole family can operate.


Whole-house audio can be installed in several different ways. Traditional systems have a main processor and amplifier that is located in a central location and controlled from keypads or touch screens in the audio zones. Wireless controllers and iDevice controls are also available for these systems. And the same equipment you use to control your whole-house sound can also be used to control video zones, HVAC, lighting, shades, etc.Based on the wiring involved, the traditional systems are ideal in new construction projects. In retrofit situations, one popular choice is the Sonos wireless system. Through Sonos, individual audio players are available for each audio zone, which allows the installation to be more flexible. With this system, you can choose your controlling device with options including remote controls, iDevices, Droids or computers.

No Clutter

With a whole-house audio system, there is no clutter, no awkward components, no obtrusive speakers. All equipment is neatly concealed in a discreet but accessible location. Our keypads are designed to blend in and complement any décor, and our high-quality speakers can be installed in your ceiling or wall and become practically invisible. At Homedia, our whole-house audio systems will not only enhance your sound, they will enhance your life!

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