Why Hire a Custom Installer


Do it Right First Time

Where do you go to find someone you can trust in your home? How will you know if you’re getting the best product available and high-quality installation? Whether you’re in the market for a new home theater system or are just ready to upgrade to a flat-screen TV, you may be asking yourself these very questions.

Benefits of a Custom Installer

When it comes to new media equipment, most people rely on big-box stores for both the product and the service, unaware that there are tremendous benefits to hiring Custom Installer (CI). Often, CIs get overlooked because customers believe the cost of hiring them instead of going to a store that claims to provide the “best” buy will be more than they can afford. That’s not always true.

What is a Custom Installer

The term Custom Installer refers to an audio/video professional who provides custom sales, installation and support regarding a variety of A/V systems. Custom installation companies pick up where the big-box retail stores leave off in terms of after-sale support, which is essential in today’s complex residential and commercial electronic systems. A good CI will perform on-site evaluation and provide you with honest advice that will help you make the right decisions for your space. In the end, property owners are far more satisfied with their investments and overall experiences after they have received the personal care and attention of a good CI. Consider the following…

Drawbacks of Major Retail Chains:

1. Generally, the sales staff of retail chains consists of workers who have no experience or specialized training.
2. Major retailers are required to promote certain products based on their sales figures, not your personal needs. You aren’t guaranteed to be sold the best product for your home or business.
3. Once you purchase a product, there is no easy way to ask questions about the equipment or its installation.
4. Retail chains may offer cheaper prices on equipment, but the products often can’t perform all of the tasks you want and don’t offer the range of options you need.
5. As one of thousands of customers, you don’t receive personal care.
6. Because a major retailer’s sales staff is fragmented from their installation staff, there is a gap in communication. The sales staff often make promises that aren’t carried out by the installation team.
7. The installation services of major retailers are not customized to your personal situation.
8. Without providing an in-home consultation and lifestyle analysis, the chain stores can’t know what products meet your unique needs.
9. Retail stores don’t rely on every customer for the success of their business. Whether it’s right or not, a few unhappy people won’t negatively affect their business, and they know it.

Service You Can Trust

At Homedia Solutions, we know you want—and deserve—better! Let us take the guesswork out of your equipment purchase and give you a positive, successful experience. Part of our job is to stay up-to-date on the latest technology, and, through our in-home consultation, we learn how to provide you with the newest and best equipment to fit your needs and budget. Our business is built on a good reputation and client referrals, so we guarantee that your satisfaction matters!

Before you choose a major retail chain over Homedia Solutions, we hope you consider your privileges as a customer and let us give you the quality service you deserve!

Call (913) 708-2284 for a Free Consultation.

What you deserve…What we provide!

1. Skilled A/V professionals with years of experience. All Homedia employees must take a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education each year to stay current with technology.
2. In-home consultations that help us determine your specific needs. We get to know our clients so that we can better understand what they want and the best system for their space.
3. High-quality products that both fit your current lifestyle and have the potential for future adaptation. By traveling to national trade shows every year, we learn to identify new products that can provide our clients with the best value and highest level of reliability.
4. Customer service that surpasses that of mass retail stores and continues long after the sale. Homedia makes it a priority to be available to our clients both during and after the installation.
5. In-home installation that is conducted with attention to detail. Homedia’s experts seamlessly integrate the system into your décor while hiding equipment and unsightly wires.
6. Simplicity and design based on a system tailored to your needs. Our focus will always be on designing efficient systems that are easy for you to use.
7. Extended service after the installation is complete. In the event that you have questions or problems, Homedia’s professionals remain available to you even after service is complete.
8. Peace of mind that stems from a trust-based, professional relationship. Trust is the key to a client-installer relationship. Your trust in Homedia is taken seriously and is something we will not abuse.
9. A team that leaves you knowing you made a great investment. View testimonials from our past clients who are enjoying the benefits of hiring Homedia Solutions for their custom installation.

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